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What can a copywriter do? 

What makes a copywriter useful is the ability to take your prompt and figure out the best way to make it fit both your brand and best SEO practices. 


At a glance, a copywriter help businesses write content, usually for a website or promotional material. This content varies but often takes the form of blogs, articles, website copy (like what you're reading now), or social media posts. While my areas of expertise are technology, business and AI, I have experience writing for a range of industries; including international sourcing, non-profit fishing charities and real estate agencies. 


I provide affordable copywriting services for start-ups, retailers, real estate agencies and online stores based anywhere in the world! As I am based in Auckland, New Zealand, I work during NZST and all my prices are in NZD. 

Thinking of a different project? Drop me a line - I am happy to discuss all writing opportunities to see if I am the right fit.

Who am I? 

Hi! I'm Rachael. 


I probably watched too many dystopian sci-fi’s growing up. It lead me to write a Masters about intimacy with AI (yes, there was a chapter on sex robots). I also got to spend a few years poking around different labs and getting to talk to some industry leaders in drone technology, AR in medicine, surveillance, farming, and gaming. 


I believe the advancements in AI could lead to a better, healthier and more interesting world for everyone. But, like most researchers in the field, I acknowledge AI and technology also have the potential to cause great pain and irreversible consequences if handled badly. To paraphrase Max Tegmark, it’s the most important conversation of our time (2017). To this end, I’ve created this blog to keep an eye on the advancements from my own point of view. 


I also worked as an English teacher, a graduate tutor at the University of Auckland, and a marketing manager. 

Highest Achievements: 

* Once got a group of year 10 boys to laugh at Shakespeare.

* Taught my Pomerainian how to play dead. 

* Helped a student publish her first story in a national magazine. 

* Helped a university student turn an assignment into a successful online retail store.


1 / What does a copywriter do? Can you help me with my writing project?

A copywriter help businesses write content, usually for a website or promotional material. This content varies but often takes the form of blogs, articles, website copy (like what you're reading now), or social media posts. However, I love weird projects. Got something else in mind? Get in touch, the weirder the better. If I think it matches my skillset, well make it work. 

2 / How does hiring a copywriter work?

There is a contact form at the bottom of each page, or you can send me an email detailing your project here. If it's a right fit and I am able to assist, I'll send you a short form to fill out with specifications (such as project type, keyword targets, your audience, links to your website, and any competitors you feel are useful). From there, we discuss the timeline and then your part is done! I am available to contact throughout the project if changes are necessary and I offer one round of revisions before the project is complete. 

3 / What is the price of your copywriting services? 

I base my rates per project, however, a standard guideline is $350NZD per 1000 words. I can discuss hourly wages, which allows me to fairly charge for projects that require significant time researching and the flexibility to take on the weird and wonderful projects that don't fit a pay-per-word. model!

4 / How long will my copywriting project take?

On average, it takes between 4-5 hours to write a thousand words. This reflects the time spent researching your subject, writing, and editing. Turnaround time varies and timeframes will be discussed during our initial conversation. 

5 / Do I pay for revisions? 

I offer one round of revisions for free. Every further round of revisions is $30. 

6 / What if I don't like what you've written?

These things happen! I keep in touch throughout the process, but, if after receiving the first two versions you don't believe we are the right fit I hope we part as friends!

However, I do invoice for 30% of the initial quote as a fair reflection of my time. 

7 / How do you ensure the content is optimized for search engines?

During the research and planning stage of your project, we will discuss your keyword targets, as well as the level of competitiveness and competition in your industry. From there, I research the keywords most likely to have the biggest impact for your content. Each project is different, but I also provide guides for H1 and H2 headings, as well as options for meta titles and image alt tags. 

8 / How do you ensure the content reflects my brand's voice and tone?

This is where our planning sessions bear fruit. The more information you give during our planning, the more accurate I can be! We can discuss your brand's tone through examples, inspirations and mood boards, previous work or a big list of adjectives. 

9 / Can you provide samples of your previous work?

Yes, they are available here. 

10 / Why is there a picture of a dog there?

Her name is Peach. 100% of my income goes towards supporting her lifestyle. 

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